Diperdo Collectable Item


Our old and famous  Diperdo 2 had become a collectable item!!!

The Dip-er-do Stunt Plane loops or circles and returns to you every time! Mike Stone amazed us all years ago with the original Dip-er-do. Now he’s improved his design to make the Dip-er-do’s even more reliable and durable. These small planes come ready to fly. Graphically demonstrate the four forces involved in flight and what happens when lift is greater than weight. Each planes come with adjustable elevators and flaps and cool stickers with which to personalize your plane. These incredible planes are featured at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC.!

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Travel back in time with the classic look that hasn’t changed since 1978. This package comes in its original envelope and features three vintage airplanes and decals. Each handcrafted airplane has been tested to fly right back to you! Master tricks and have hours of fun!


  • 3 Dip-er-do airplanes
  • 3 decal sheets
  • 1 instructional booklet


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