The Perfect Plane Party Kit!

This airplane theme set is perfect for any occasion. Boy’s, girl’s, baby’s, or children, this set has the unbeatable value of making your party from excellent to perfect. This full set includes enough supplies to have a whopping 16 people attend! The kit consists of 16-32 Diperdo’s, 16 plates, 16 dessert plates, 16 cups, napkins and 2 table cloths. Our Diperdo will soar the sky’s of your child’s next party as they watch in awe the plane return from where they threw it. Friends and family will all have the opportunity to have this enjoyment as the pack includes 16-32 planes to play. No need to have a dull time when you can bring the fantastic Diperdo to excite the festivities!

Looking for a great kit?

If you’re seeking the plane themed party kit then look no further! You will love our Diperdo party kit. Not only will you be able to enjoy your cake with our plates but you will get to have loads of fun with our 16-32 Diperdo planes inside. Watch in awe as your plane comes right back to you just like a boomerang does. Your party will be unique with toys that the children can bring home and continue to enjoy. We want to bring you the best experience and a memorable party for you and your family.

Enjoy the Diperdo as it soars around the room and returns to your hand. The children can have competitions and play with each other as they toss their Diperdo’s round and round. Our disposable dishware and cup set will make your party a breeze to clean. No need to clean dish after dish with this party set. Keep the tablecloth for another party, or throw it out and get a new one. We want to make your party as easy to set up as it is to take down!



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