About Us

Here at Diperdo Forever LLC, we focus on what values we can bring to our customers, and the joy we can bring to their children. We are always looking for new ways to improve our products and create new stunt planes. From our party kit to our regular Diperdo, we know you will enjoy what we can offer. Children from around the world enjoy the Diperdo ever since its creation back in 1978! We want you to experience the Diperdo as well, which is why we continue to make it an extremely affordable toy plane for any occasion. We have many different versions of the Diperdo to offer and many more to come!

About Our Planes

The Diperdo was invented in 1978 by Mike Stone. It is the world’s greatest toy stunt plane! When you throw the plane it will come right back to you like a boomerang. They are a great attraction for kids and fun for the adults as well. You can adjust them finely by moving their rear wings up and down so you can throw them sideways and they’ll still come right back to you. However you want to throw the Diperdo it will come right back. The Diperdo will find its way back to your hands when you find the right adjustment.

Boaz Givon


Mor Givon


Our Mission

To bring a fun learning experience that will drive a child’s imagination.

Our Vision

Bringing an entertaining value to a child is a wonder like no other. We strive to invent new ways to enjoy a classic toy. We want our products to be as inexpensive as possible so anyone can enjoy the amazing Diperdo. We are committed to bringing nothing but value to the table when it comes to our Diperdo pilots.